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Our Standard Business Card Range offer quality and style at a price to suit even the smallest budget. Ideal for...
A gift that brings smiles every day! Personalise with your logo, special photos or messages and choose your preferred color.
Get your message out with flyers in a new range of sizes. Simply upload your design or customise one of...
When every word counts, personalized stationery helps you stand out.
Stick labels on your post for ease, convenience and instant brand recognition.
Our staff are always on hand to answer any queries and guide you in the...
whatever your timescale we Strive to meet deadlines while keeping a high standard and quality...
We are passionate about what we do and pay attention to detail in all aspects...
Our team of experienced designers will create eye catching designs making your business stand out...
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  • I don’t need many cards, can I just order a small quantity?

    We recommend ordering a minimum of 250 cards, especially if you are doing something complex. With the number of production steps usually involved in our card production, we highly recommend you order more at first. With setup costs for each production step, it will cost less to order more at first, rather than pay for all the production steps all over again.

  • What is the thickest papers you print?

    We routinely print stocks up to 60pt (.06″ caliper) and we duplex after print for even beefier thickness. That is what we call “thump factor.”

  • Can you print photos?

    We can print a line screen halftone style photo. Think about a grayscale newspaper image – that is the effect we will print. We typically print an image with anywhere from 50-100 line halftone screens. We push the values in the image to land mostly between 20 and 80 percent. More than 80% starts can start to fill with ink, and less than 20% may risk washing away in the plating process. Halftone images can be a challenge to ink up on letterpress and require a robust inking system with lots of pressure.

    • Many thanks for your support & service in getting our documents printed off & delivered
    • Kanvin Inc Design & Print provide us with a high quality and efficient service that enables us to react quickly in a constantly changing environment.